We all want a good wife or husband that we can count on. Someone who is there for us when we need them and makes us feel secure in the relationship. This is not to say that a good husband or wife never disappoints their significant other; that’s impossible. It just means they try really […]

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Putting Your Spouse Before Your Friends

by admin on February 18, 2017

Friends and family are an important part of life. They rally around you during the tough times and celebrate with you during moments of triumph. However, close friendships can sometimes be a hindrance to your marriage. It’s easy to find yourself spending more quality time with them that you spend with your spouse. It’s also […]

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Everyone has a primary love language which they absolutely need to feel loved. However, most people also have secondary love languages which play a huge part in keeping their love tank full. While it’s very important to know and speak your spouse’s primary love language, it doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore the other […]

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How to Show Love to a Gift Lover

February 10, 2017

Gifts are among the five love languages and a great way to show love. In fact, there are people who need gifts in order to feel truly loved. However, this doesn’t mean that they are materialistic. It’s not really about the gifts but about the love, thoughtfulness and effort behind them. Like they say, it’s […]

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When Physical Attraction Changes

February 8, 2017

You marry a person that you’re attracted to and then they change their appearance so drastically that the physical attraction is no longer there. What do you do? The truth is that this is a very complicated and delicate issue that needs to be handled delicately. When you’re talking about someone’s physical attractiveness, you’re bound […]

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Does Flirting on the Internet Count as Emotional Infidelity?

February 3, 2017

When people are bored in their marriages, they sometimes turn to the internet to find some excitement. They see it as a “safe” way to get attention and boost their mood. Many of them do not think having an online “buddy” counts as cheating or emotional infidelity. When is Flirting Cheating? If you feel the […]

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Supporting Your Partner When You Can’t Relate to What They’re Going Through

February 1, 2017

When your partner is going through a tough time, you want to be supportive of them. It’s part of being a good wife or husband. This can be a little challenging when you can’t relate to what they’re going through so here are some tips to help you with that. Listen to your partner The […]

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Is Your Marriage Built to Last? - Happy Marriage Tips

January 27, 2017

Psychologists have conducted many studies on the reasons why marriages fail and succeed, and they have discovered that there are certain things that happy couples do that other couples don’t do. Knowing what these things are can help you evaluate whether your happy marriage is built to last and help you figure out what you […]

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The Relationship between Closeness and Happiness in Married Life

January 25, 2017

Most of us assume that there is a positive relationship between closeness and happiness in married life.  But how close someone is to their partner is not directly correlated to how happy they are in the relationship. It is perfectly possible for a couple that is emotionally distant to be just as happy as a […]

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Turn Your Partner Into Your Soul Mate – Marriage Advice

January 20, 2017

Some people believe in soul mates. They believe that there’s a single person with whom one can a deep feeling of affinity, love and intimacy. This is why you’ll often hear people say that they “married the wrong person.” In fact, 30% of divorced women give this as one of their reasons for divorce. Most […]

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