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  Mad About Marriage by Mike & Gayle Tucker

Are you madly in love? Or just plain mad? Which best describes your marriage? Or do you fluctuate back and forth? No matter where on the spectrum you find yourself, you must admit that marriage is not easy. It takes hard work to achieve any level of intimacy and trust. Maybe you're of the mindset that genuine intimacy isn't possible - that it's an unreachable fantasy or a unrealistic, childish dream. Well, think again!

The Tuckers deal with some of the big issues that are wreaking havoc in American homes today, such as pornography, abuse, infidelity, forgiveness, and negative communication. For the success of marriage, it's important to identify and remove negative factors from your relationship and add the positive factors that will make your marriage sweet. You can "flip the switch" from just plain mad to madly in love. Why settle for anything else!

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